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Who are we and why are we here?

We are so much more than mere humans. We are all souls on an evolutionary path. This path has taken us all on a stopover via planet earth. In this journey and in this lifetime we have all agreed that as we are born into this lifetime, we forget who we are, where we come from and where we are going. We have also forged agreements and contracts with each other at soul level about how we are to help each other while we are here in the earth plane. Our role is to help you to find your purpose using QHHT, a specialised hypnotherapy technique.

Some of our Soul agreements include:

  • Creating life scenarios in which we will learn valuable lessons
  • Paying off karmic debts that we accumulated in previous lives
  • Being here for each other to love, help and support each other
  • Being the portal to allow other souls to enter into the earth plane

Unfortunately many of us get lost in the drama of life, the conditioning of religion, the media, the politics etc. And this is where we need all the help we can get. Anything that provides us with a bit of help, a bit of direction to help us remember why we are here, and where we need to change our actions and make better choices.

We have been assigned guardian angels, guides and the best one of all, the Higher Self. The ancients knew this. We can help you to reach within, and connect with your Higher Self. Within you, through your own Higher Self can be found all the answers you need to help you in this lifetime. To help you understand who is the Higher Self, you can watch this Youtube video here.

The Great Awakening is upon us

People are beginning to question the nature of our world, the state of our reality, the pandemic, and the true intentions of the politicians that govern us. Things simply don't add up. This shift in awareness is causing people all over the world to look inward, and finding answers within. Are you looking for those answers? Are you awakening too?

Higher Self