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Covid-19 Status Update:

Please observe the lockdown status of your area. During lockdowns in England, we appreciate you may not wish to travel. We resume our normal operations otherwise. Book early to secure your session. Should you show any symptoms, we would appreciate the courtesy of rescheduling your appointment.

Our location:

We are based in Milton Keynes in the UK Midlands. We are about 1 hour away from London by train (London Euston Station). We are close to Junction 13 off the M1 if you drive.

The process:

We set up an appointment with you for a day suitable to you. This is usually a 3-4 hour long appointment. During this appointment we would like to discuss your situation, and get a feel for what you would like to achieve. We also discuss your written list of prepared questions, which we will be asking your Higher Self for the answers you need. Once we have completed this discussion, we would like you to become comfortable in our meditation recliner chair, and we will take you into a guided meditative state to review a past life. After the past life regression we then contact your Higher Self and we have a discussion. During this part we ask the Higher Self to do a body scan to scan the body, and heal issues that may stem from a past life. Most of the healing happens in minutes. Some may happen as an ongoing process while you sleep later that night. After the discussion with your Higher Self, we bring you back to full consciousness, and we have a post-session discussion to review the answers, and any messages from your Higher Self. It is important that after such a session you drink plenty of water, and eat something to ground you, preferably some fruit or a freshly made sandwich.

Contact us for an appointment as follows:

Payment of Deposit.

Now accepting PayPal

To book an appointment contact Len or Adrian. A £50 online deposit is required. A session will cost a total of £200. We accept payments via Paypal using debit cards. The remainder can be paid online below on the day of the session.
Should you wish to cancel, more than 3 days before your session, we will refund £45. (Paypal charges some fees)
Should you cancel within 3 days of your appointment, or you do not show up, we retain the full deposit amount.
Should we choose to cancel an appointment at any time, we will refund your full deposit minus the Paypal Admin fee.


You may feel that such sessions cost a lot. There are various points to consider:
For us it is 4 hours of work, regardless of whether we succesfully contact your Higher Self or not.
This is an investment in your spiritual path. It takes your spiritual development to the next level. Your Higher Self connection becomes a lot more real, more tangible. This makes it a lot more serious. So if you are indeed serious about initiating this connection, which is imperative for life in 5D, then you would treat it as such, and your Higher Self will help you to do this. They see it as you making an attempt to reach them, so they will move mountains for you to afford it, and make it happen.

To book a session, select the £50 Deposit option below. Pay the remainder once you have completed a successful session.

QHHT Session Payment

You will receive an email containing details of your payment. Please email this to us to confirm your session.