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What next for us?

We are currently more than 7 billion souls on the earth plane. Why are we so many souls here at this time? According to the work and books of Dolores Cannon, we all heard the call and that is why we are here. 3 waves of volunteer souls have reincarnated over the last 70 years on the planet to help with this process. The Earth is in trouble and needs help. Edgar Cayce also predicted the Earth changes. You can watch Dolores Cannon talking on Youtube here and here.

Since the invention of nuclear weapons planet Earth as a consciousness has been calling for help. Millions of Souls have responded and have been born into the earth plane. There are 2 major Earth events looming: The Polar shift and also the Earth Ascension. All eyes in the universe (and multiverse) are currently looking at our planet to see how this will pan out. Earth is too damaged for us to continue the way we have been going over the last 60 years. As a planetary consciousness she is asking to ascend. Councils in dimensions far above our comprehension has made the decision that planetary ascension is the only way forward. This is a first in the Multidimensional universe, making it a major cosmic historical event.

This will happen in our lifetime and it will affect us. Are you ready for this transition? Are you skilled on how to raise your vibration using simple techniques? You can read more for yourself in the Convoluted Universe series books authored by Dolores Cannon. You can also watch her Youtube videos on the subject. During this time Divine guidance and direction will be more crucial than ever. We need to find a way to tune into this guidance. It can only be done by raising our own vibration. This process takes time and by putting it off you choose to ignore the signs.

Many of us are finding it difficult to understand why we are here, and what is happening to us. Are you in one of these 3 waves of soul volunteers? Many of us don't like it here. We yearn for "home". We somehow know that "home" is not here, but we don't know why we feel this way. Are you one of these volunteers? Are you struggling to cope? Are you living in daily agony? We can help you find answers. And these answers lie hidden within you.

Some of you may be in physical pain as a result of a medical condition, an accident, or an injury. You may be unhappy with your home life, struggling with family relationships. What karmic contracts do you have with your family? Are you feeling blocks that prevent you from moving forward? We can help you find the way. And these answers lie hidden within you as well.