Useful ponderings

It's worth investigating...

For those awakening...

Learning to connect with the Higher Self is the most important skill to learn. You have to unlearn all you know about God, church, yourself from their perspective, and learn what the Soul is, and how your understanding of the Self will allow you to unlock the door to your Higher Self...

Here is a useful document to guide you with your connection to your Higher Self

Also feel free to explore your connection with your Higher Self with this document.

Please visit our Youtube Channel and do this as a Guided Meditation.

What does Jesus say to us today?

Earth is preparing for her ascencion to the 5th dimension. Humanity will be doing this en masse. Jesus ascended 2000 years ago and is today an Ascended Master. Regardless of the version of Jesus painted by the church, we will follow in those footsteps and must get ready for ascencion. So what is the message he has for humanity from his 5th dimension perspective today? Many channelers have connected with him and channelled him.

Here is a compilation of letters from Jesus as recorded by one such channeller.

Merging with the
Higher Self...
a meditation

A BQH practitioner has graciously provided a meditation that was given to her during a session with a client. This is a very useful guide as it begins to allow people to merge with their own Higher Selves. Doing this over a number of days would begin to begin this merging process for you. It is worth knowing that as we ascend to 5D we will have full integration, and connection with the Higher Self.

Here is a script you can use to help you with your own process.

You are not alone

What does the future of Politics hold?

The current Control System of Politics no longer serve our highest good. Politicians have hidden agendas as shown in the Pandora Papers , and are driven by ego and lust for power. We can not take this system with us. So what will politics look like on the New Earth?

Here is a short essay for you to review about the politics of the New Earth.