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Some Guided Meditations to try on your own

This is a useful meditation to do to help you connect and merge with your Higher Self. Very useful before a QHHT session...Click here to do this now.

This is a useful meditation to do to connect with your Innate and ask for healing in general.Click here to do this now.

In this meditation we will call upon our Higher Self and Innate and instruct our bodies, organs and cells to heal us from the negative effects of any medication, injections or vaccines. Click here to do this now.

Raising your vibration

With the coming Earth Ascension event into the 4th Density, we are being instructed by the Higher Self collective to work on raising our vibration. This is not something that happens overnight. So if we do the work now, over time we will gradually experience this inner work and it's outward manifestation. It's really a simple process, and we should do this at least twice a day. Once in the morning as you wake up, and once as you drift off to sleep at night. Visuallize a dial in your mind. then turn this dial up to maximum level while saying - I now raise my vibration to match the vibration of my Higher Self.
Do this 3 or 4 times.

Raise your vibration

Preparing your Questions

When you book a session with us, we require from you to give some thought to a few questions you would like to ask your Higher Self. These questions would be along the lines of your Soul purpose in this life, and Karmic contracts you may have with parent, relatives, or partners and spouses. It is a requirement from the Higher Self Collective that you prepare your written questions carefully. Be specific about the question you ask so that they can answer you with specific details. It has been known in some cases where the Higher Self has told the clients to go away and reconsider their questions as the questions they asked were vague. If you would like to have an example of some questions please look at the list below to see the type of questions most people tend to ask. Please prepare a written list for us.

  • What is the life purpose of x in this lifetime?
  • What is x here to learn in this lifetime?
  • What gift or special ability should x be focussed on to develop further in this lifetime?
  • How will the development of this special ability help x further on his/her path in this lifetime?
  • What karmic debts was x contracted to settle in this lifetime?
  • To whom is this karmic debt owed to in this lifetime?
  • What is the contracted agreement with x and his/her Parents / Siblings / Partner Child/Children

Otherwise, feel free to explore your connection with your Higher Self with this document. There might be useful questions here.

After your session

You may have had some heavy work done to your body after a session. It is crucial to understand that in some cases, healing may still be ongoing. You need to allow this to continue. Allow yourself to have the rest you need. Drink plenty of water. You may feel discomfort as the body flushes out any toxins and waste resulting from your session. After the toxins and waste has been discarded you will begin to feel lighter and easier.

Immediately after a session it is helpful to ground yourself. We often offer a cup of tea, and a biscuit, or at least some fresh clean water. If you are driving home, be sure to take care, especially if you drive long distances. Get the rest your body needs as soon as you get home. Take time to listen to your recording often when you feel rested. It helps to reinforce your session, and you get to hear any important information from your Higher Self.