Orini Quantum Healing
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Taking your spiritual path to the next level

We offer 2 Hypnotherapy modalities:

This will include a 4 hour session with:

  • A past life regression
  • Understanding karmic debts that we accumulated in previous lives
  • Understanding the soul contracts being played out in the current life
  • Healing as/when required
  • Direct communication with your Higher Self. The session is recorded and you receive an mp3 file

QHHT Sessions are held in person.

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Sessions are done online or in person. For online sessions you will require a stable internet connection, Zoom software installed on your Laptop and a quiet room with a recliner or bed to relax in.

What to expect:

During a 4 hour session we will have an initial discussion to identify the areas you want to address, and any questions you would like to ask your Higher Self.

We will then proceed to take you into a guided meditation into the most relevant past life as chosen by your Higher Self. We will walk with you through this life examining events that impact your current life.

Lastly we will call forth the Higher Self to discuss the list of questions you provided. We ask them to provide guidance to you going forward. This conversation is recorded and will be given to you so you can review it again later to help you.

After we bring you back to full consciousness, we will have a discussion again to review our findings and provide guidance on how to continue. We take into account the messages you have received. For this we recommend you bring a USB stick with as we copy an mp3 file for you onto the memory stick. This is for you to use on your own tablet or PC. Normal client confidentiality will be regarded in this session.

See Contact Us page for details on fees and charges. Some details of your session will be shared with the QHHT Institution for training purposes. The details of this will be discussed with you during the session.
To help you prepare for your session PLEASE watch this helpful guide from Dolores here and also this video from Suzanne Spooner here.

It would also be great if you can do this guided meditation from our YouTube channel as practice before your session.

Our space:

We conduct our sessions in a private, comfortable space. We offer a comfortable reclining chair with a footrest. If for any medical reason you are unable to be seated in the recliner as per the photograph below, please notify us immediately, so we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Our recliner Sacred Space