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About Len:

Len was raised in South Africa in a Pentecostal church background and served as music leader for many years. Later he moved to the UK, and experienced a Soul Awakening, which compelled him to seek out and study the Mystery Traditions. As a sensitive, his journey finally lead him to meet with Adrian back in 2010. They discovered that they shared previous lives together, some on the Earth plane and some on other planets.
They are now a married couple, as they were in previous lives.

Over the last number of years Len was working in the corporate world in the IT field. He recently felt how toxic and fear driven this world had become.
As he grew and developed spiritually, he found that his vibrational frequency simply no longer matches the corporate world of finance and banking.

Asking for help, he was guided to look into the work of Dolores Cannon, who worked as a hypnotherapist for many years and made some amazing and mind bending discoveries. Here he discovered the real deal. And as he looked into it more and more, he saw that the soul journey took him to earth, only as a stopover. Here he was meant to awaken, and become a healer in this lifetime. With the help of the QHHT technique as taught by Dolores Cannon, he found a way to bring healing, direction and Higher Self connection to those he live with and work with.

Len has recently passed his QHHT Level 2 exam. He is a Level 2 Practitioner. He has also succesfully completed the BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) course and can now offer BQH sessions online via Zoom.

About Adrian:

I was born in Essex but moved to Bedfordshire when I was still very young. As a child I was very drawn to stories of ghosts and always favoured the supernatural over everyday life. This held me in good stead for the future, because Spirit came calling in my early 20’s.

I visited a Spiritualist Church at the suggestion of a friend and found myself just where I needed to be at just the right time…no such thing as coincidences as I was to learn later. 3 Months after being a twice-a-week visitor, I was invited to join the Mediumship Circle within the Church. I couldn’t believe that working with Spirit could be this wonderful!

Due to ‘earthly’ requirements as Spirit termed, I needed to do a bit more living (marriage and having a child) so I left the Circle for a number of years, eventually settling back in Buckinghamshire. I met my current partner and we moved from Slough to Chertsey and then to Bracknell.

Here is where I joined the Circle in Woking, and now as time had moved on (20 years to be precise), I found that the energy working with Spirit had gotten stronger and I was able to go into Trance. This was more powerful and really opened my eyes to the power of Spirit.

I remarried and in 2019, we moved back to Buckinghamshire to be closer to the family. We soon discovered that life was going to take us from our mundane working lives and move us into the next phase.

Discovering the life and work of Dolores Cannon was a real eye-opener for me. Using the Quantum Healing technique that she created to tap into the sub-conscious, she was able to get definitive answers for people who are dealing with issues that may not be readily worked out in their waking world. This was a calling that could not be ignored.

I have passed my Level 1 exam and have just finished my internship.

Len and Adrian
Three of us